Monday, January 18, 2010

Rose's 1st Birthday Party

The food table. The best restaurant in Mobile catered the party...CAMILLE'S! We served wraps, sandwiches, broccoli salad, fruit, and PB and J's for the kids.

The kids table. Notice my Dad videotaping in the background. He got most of the party on tape and he has the best commentation ever!!! Its so cute to watch.
The cakes! I couldn't resist having them decorated with roses in honor of our little Rosebud! I often wonder how she will feel about roses when she is older. She's either gonna love them or hate them! I hope she loves them :)

Greeting Asa and Maribeth Cutie Bennett loved the rocking horse
Not too sure what to think about her friends taking over the den
I wish we had more pictures of the kids playing. It was a zoo! But so much fun!!!

Lunch time! We set a table for the kids and they were all very well behaved! They were all very serious about eating their lunches and seemed to enjoy sitting together! Meryl Moo
Sweet William
Jaybird (He had to borrow a bib and wouldn't you know that every bib we own is pink!)
Bennett, Rose, and Annie
"Asa, you need to wear your hat!"
Then it was time for cake!
The week before Rose's birthday, we "practiced" singing Happy Birthday to Rose so that she wouldn't freak out when 40 people started singing to her at her party. All of the practice worked, because SHE LOVED IT!
This is my favorite picture from the day.
Rose loved it so much that we just had to do it again! So we all sang another round!
The second time was just as sweet.
Time to dig in!Lovin it...
lovin it...
And we're done!


Natalie said...

that picture of you and rose looking at each other was my favorite, too! we had so much fun celebrating with you

The Dennis Family said...

OH MY GOSH - I almost started crying at your "favorite pic of the day" - JILL!!! So cute - what a fun party!! Can you believe that our babies (Asa, a couple of days shy) are 1?!! We had such a great time - you did an awesome job with all of the decorations, food, everything - YOU ARE BRAVE to have all of those little munchkins together - they had a ball!! i hope Lucy didn'y mind Asa chasing her all over the place - he kinda LOVES dogs!! HAPPY FIRST BIRTHDAY ROSEBUD!

Erin said...

oh i am so behind on reading, but these are TOO CUTE!!!! so glad rose had such a good birthday!!!!

The Schwant Family said...

favorite pic of the day got me teary too!!

precious party!!