Monday, March 31, 2014

Pancakes and Pajamas

We celebrated Rose's 5th birthday with a sweet little Pancakes and Pajamas party.  It was our first party where she made the guest list- and parents dropped the girls off.  She invited all of the girls in her class and a few other besties.
 All of the girls came in their pajamas.  We started by reading Curious George Makes Pancakes.  By the end of the story, Chef Clark had all of the pancakes ready and the girls were hungry!  They loved cutting shapes with cookie cutters and decorating them with sprinkles, berries, and mini chocolate chips. The variety of syrups were quite delicious.  We also served bacon and cut fruit served in mini champagne cups that the girls loved.  It felt so fancy and girly.
 After their breakfast, the school teacher in me came out and I sent the girls in groups to little "centers" :) They made cereal necklaces, decorated door hangers with princess stickers, and stenciled personalized pillow cases. 

 A Hello Kitty variation of pin the tail on the donkey was a hit! 

 Rose and Mae Mae sleep with their special pillowcases every night. 
It was such a fun party.  Sometimes the simplest parties are the best!  Thanks to Clark for cooking the pancakes and my mom and mother in law for helping with the activities! 
Rose- you are the sweetest and most precious 5 year old I have ever known.  Your maturity blows me away.  You are very insightful and you keep me organized! If I need to remember something, all I have to do it remind you and I'm covered :) You love your family, doing artwork, school, writing, church, and God.  You are a smart girl.  We love you so very much, sweet baby. 

Round 3

After over 3 years since my last blog post, I am considering getting back in the saddle.  I am horrible at documenting family events and know one day I will be so happy to have a blog to remember years past.  Here's to motivation and being dedicated to preserving our memories on the web!