Wednesday, December 30, 2009

We Love Pink!

Its a GIRL!! Rose is really excited to have a sister and best friend arriving in May!

Monday, December 28, 2009

19 Week Pregnancy Update

I feel like this pregnancy is flyiiiing by! Its so different than the first one in that some days I forget that I am pregnant because I am so busy playing and taking care of Rose. With the first pregnancy, I thought about the baby I was carrying all day and all night! I had a hard time sleeping but sleep is not a problem (yet!) with this pregnancy. I am exhausted by the end of the day and usually sleep like a rock. The nausea ended around week 13...thank goodness! It was hard taking care of a baby all day when all I wanted to do was curl up on the sofa and sleep. But we got through it! I feel great these days and have enough energy to manage. An afternoon nap is awesome, if I can manage to fit it in. I either cook dinner or nap during Rose's afternoon you can imagine how many home-cooked meals we have these days! Maybe 1 or 2 a week. That's so sad...gotta get better about that! The Papa John's people know us, our order, and that we like them to call when they are outside vs. ringing the doorbell because the bell wakes Rose up. Seriously, they have that all in their computer and when we call they say, Hello Mr. Lyon and they rattle off all our our info! Its funny. I'm sure this baby will loooove pizza since he/she eats it several times a week :) Speaking of him or her...we are finding out the sex on Wednesday! I have absolutely no idea what this baby is so its going to be really exciting to find out! Check back Wednesday for the surprise!

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Spaghetti Night

Clark and I love a good spaghetti dinner. Apparently, Rose does too!

The aftermath.

Wednesday, December 9, 2009


Have I mentioned how much Rose loves her Mama? She would be happy to sit on my lap and play all day.
But sometimes, I've got things I've gotta do! Rose doesn't like when I leave her in the den. But she usually waits pateintly for me to return.
Waiting is exhasuting!

A Few of My Favorite Things by Rose

Playing Peek a Boo Climbing the stairs
Riding on Daddy's shoulders Watching cartoons in the morning
Visiting Daddy at work
Perfecting my downward dog
Helping with laundry
Taking baths
Eating berries

Monday, December 7, 2009

Good Blogger

Today I finally downloaded 327 pictures from my camera and I've been posting away. Click on the new posts below. Check back because I'm going to continue with more new posts this week! I've got lots of cute pictures to share. And thanks for hanging in there with me when I went on a blog hiatus. I think I'm back!

Rose vs. Santa
A Hunting We Will Go

A Hunting We Will Go

Last sunday, Rose and I took a little trip up to the Danner Tract to see where her Daddy spends so many weekends! We had fun riding around on the golf cart and we even saw some turkeys, ducks, and deer! It was sunny and cold and Rose loved every minute of it. She especially enjoyed helping Daddy drive.

On the way up to the camp, we stopped in Stockton to eat at the Stagecoach Cafe. If you have never been there, its where all the nice country folk eat after church on Sunday. They have a Southern style buffet that was delish! Its just as country as you can get but we loved it. Rose devoured everything we gave her: ham, fried chicken, green beans (her favorite), creamed corn, carrot salad, rolls, etc... She also flirted big time with the people sitting around us. One man was so smitten with Rose that he decided to come to our table and kiss her! Not once, but more than once! Rose was terrified and started batting and swating at him. She finally resorted to shoving shredded carrot salad up his nose! Clark and I were in shock while it was happening but after the man finally left our table, we started laughing hysterically. Which in turn made Rose wail. Clark and I had to stop laughing to calm Rose down but we seriously couldn't look at each other for the rest of the meal beacuse every time we made eye contact, we would start laughing uncontrollably. It was great!