Saturday, November 14, 2009

Rose vs. Santa

Rose and I went to the Santa Breakfast and Christmas Jubilee. It was such a cute event and I think Rose and her friends will get so much more out of it when they are a little older. We had lots of fun...until time to meet the big guy.
Rose took one look at that big white beard, stuck her little lip out, and started screaming. I was laughing so hard that all of the pictures were blurry!

She's not a fan.
She was fine as soon as I rescued her and was a trooper while we all attempted to shop with our huge strollers. For those of you who haven't been...its super crowded and not a place where you take a stroller if you are serious about getting some shopping done. Rose was asleep as soon as her little head hit the carseat for the ride home.

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