Wednesday, July 23, 2008

A Little Sneak Peek

Today was by far the most exciting day since I found out I was pregnant! I went to Dr. Shields for my 14 week appointment and got a huge FIRST ultrasound!! I started by asking why they do not do an early ultrasound, and after hearing her explanation (it is basically an insurance thing) I proceeded to ask if I can pay for one out of pocket. She laughed at my suggestion but I guess she felt sorry for me when I told her I have been having weird dreams about things that can go wrong with the baby, etc... She told the nurse to go and get the machine, and the next thing I knew, we were getting a sneak peak of little baby Lyon! It was amazing. Even my Mom was speechless. (She went with me just for fun!) First of all, I was surprised that the baby did not look like a jelly bean, which is what I kept picturing, and we couldn't believe how active he/she was! Little one was stretching his/her little arms out and kicking his/her little legs, and I think he/she even did a somersault or two!! The only thing I regret about the experience is that Clark was not there, but he will get to see this amazing baby in 4 weeks!! Thanks, Dr. Shields, for putting me at ease and helping me realize there really is a real, live baby in my belly!

Sunday, July 13, 2008

Almost 13 weeks!!

It is a really good feeling to know that I am about to finish the first trimester and begin the second! I am feeling so so much better than I felt a few weeks ago, and I am starting to get my appetite back. Some things still make me cringe...chicken and pork especially, and I am still loving all fruit, dairy, and carbs! I will be going to the doctor next Wednesday, so I will post any exciting baby news after that.

Camille's is coming along well too! Construction is under way and the cement walls (framing) are up so it is fun to see just what the restaurant will look like in a few months. I'll post pictures soon. Clark hired an awesome General Manager this week as well. She is from Mobile and is also a graduate of Johnson and Wales in Charleston. Kinda cool that she and Clark have the same background. Anyway, she is really sweet and we are excited to start working with her in mid August.

This week we got some exciting news that our good friends Maribeth and Daniel are expecting a baby around February 17!! Maribeth and I have been friends since we were in preschool and it will be so much fun to raise our little ones together! I know Maribeth and Daniel are going to be amazing parents.

Clark and I had a busy weekend. Friday night, Clark, Gaylord, Dad, Peter, Nathan, and our friend Baxter headed down to the Lyon's house at Dauphin Island. Mom and I went to Dana's for a little girl's night (with William) while the boys were away. Saturday while the boys fished, us girls headed to Dana's baby shower hosted by a few of her work friends. They were so sweet to throw Dana a shower and it was great to meet the teachers and parents from the school. For those of you who don't know, Dana is the resource coordinator at the Little Tree School in Mobile. Saturday night, we went to a fun engagement party for Julianne and Kendrick (Julianne is Maribeth's twin sister!) in Fairhope. Today, I helped host a baby shower for my sweet friend, Jacqueline, while Clark fished once again with a few buddies. It was a busy weekend but lots of fun!!