Friday, May 29, 2009

Time to Eat!

We started rice cereal a few days after Rose's 4 month check-up. Here are some pictures from her first taste of "real" food!
First bite.
Um, what is this stuff?I think it's ok!

Yep, I LIKE IT! Ok, all done. Let me clean my face.
Thanks for the cute bib, Millie!

Memorial Day Weekend

We spent Memorial Day weekend with the Lyon's at Dauphin Island and had such a great time. Clark hardly takes 2 days in a row off work, so it was a treat to enjoy time together from Friday until Monday!! We did a lot of playing, tons of eating, and a little sleeping :) I decided it was time for Rose to give up the swaddle blanket at night...yikes! Big mistake!! We have now gone back to being swaddled at night and are sleeping through the night again. Is it weird that she is almost 5 months and LOVES being swaddled??? Anyone crafty enough to make a XL swaddle blanket for us? I am dreading the day she outgrows her size large Swaddle Me blanket! Anywho, back to the weekend.
Ready for the pool! Oops...can't forget the princess shades my Daddy bought me!Rose and Mommy
Hamming it up for the camera in my precious outfit from Aunt Allison in California. Too cute!
Snuggle time with Junior
Aunt Madeline and Rose
Enjoying the sunset

Family timeHartley and RoseThanks, Janet and Gaylord, for such a fun weekend! We are sooo excited about summer and can't wait to have another family weekend at the Island.

Thursday, May 28, 2009


Rose is taking a looong nap and I finally found time to update the blog. Just scroll down to read the new posts!

Jody and Charles are Gettin' Hitched!!!

We were all so excited to get a phone call from Jody on Sunday night telling us that she and Charles are ENGAGED!!!!! Yay!!! Charles surprised Jody with a ring while they were on vacation in Napa romantic! Clark and I couldn't be more excited for them. Jody and Charles are such a sweet couple and they love each other so much. We can't wait until the wedding!!!!!!

JoJo- I borrowed this pic from Facebook just in case you are wondering!

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

4 Months

Rose turned 4 months old yesterday! It has been an amazing 4 months. Rose is still a little angel baby and we are enjoying every second of life with her.

Here are her four month stats:
15 lb, 13 oz (90th percentile)
26.5 inches (97th percentile
40.5 cm head circumference (didn't get the percentile)

Rose had her first shot today...she got the combo DTaP, Polio, and HIB and did great! I asked if I could nurse while she got the shot and the nurse said of course. So, Rose started nursing and a few seconds later the nurse gave the shot. Rose's eyes got really big when the needle went in , made a little whimper and kept on nursing!! I was so relieved that she didn't cry!!! I was waaay more afraid of the shot than she was. Thank goodness. We are going to go back in a month to get the Pc shot and then get 1 shot/month until she is caught up at 9 months.

She has been sleeping ever since we got home...a record nap at our house! I keep checking and taking her temp, and so far everything looks OK. Here are some things Rose is doing at 4 months (mostly for my personal record but you might find it interesting too!)
-Wearing mostly 3 month clothing but starting to wear size 6 month
-Beginning to wear size 3 diapers
-Grabbing everything within her reach
-Noticing our dog, Lucy
-Smiling at everything
-"Talking" up a storm... We joke that she sounds like a little Taradaktyl...whatever they sound like!
-Loving her mobile, silver rattle, babydoll, TV
-Being swaddled at night
-Sleeping from about 10 hours at night (usually 10PM-8AM)
-Taking 4-5 short naps (15-30 minutes each)
-Sleeping in her carrier (she gets the best naps when we are running errands)
-Kicking her legs when she gets excited (especially in the bathtub!)

Happy 4 month birthday, Rosebud!!! We love you more than you will ever know.

Monday, May 11, 2009

Mother's Day

Rose and I spent Mother's Day weekend at the beach with my family. Camille's had a Mother's Day special so Clark had to work...we really missed him! Rose and I were able to celebrate the day with Clark when we got home Sunday night. Here are some cute pictures from the weekend. It was a great FIRST Mother's Day! I am looking forward to many, many more!

Monday, May 4, 2009

Rose's First Beach Weekend

Rose had her first beach experience last weekend. We spent the weekend at the Dubroc's condo at Caribe and had such a fun time! Rose and Meryl got to see what it would be like to have a sister and I think they both loved the company. Meryl is such a precious baby and seems like such a big girl compared to Rose. She is cruising all over the place, crawling at least 5 MPH, and sooo interested in little Rose.
Friday night, we attempted to go to dinner at a new restaurant, Cobalt. Clark ran in to see how long the wait was and Jacqueline and I stayed in the car with the girls. 10 minutes later, the girls were screaming and we were told there was a 45 min wait. It was at that point that Jack and I realized how times have changed! Who did we think we were trying to take two tired babies to a nice restaurant at 8 PM?? Ha! We ordered take-out instead :)
Saturday, Jacqueline and I left the girls with their daddies for a little while and went bathing suit shopping with Bryant. After lunch, we headed to the pool and of course, Rose fell asleep the second we got settled at the pool. That night we learned from experience and headed to Cobalt at 5 PM! I've never been to a nice dinner on a Saturday night that early but it was so much fun! We ate outside and had a delish meal, the girls were great, and we were back in the condo for bedtime at 8!

On Sunday, the boys went back to Mobile in the morning but Jacqueline and I stayed at the beach with the girls. Rose finally got to get in the pool and I think she liked it! She was super relaxed and sweet.
We left the beach just in time for naptime and the girls conked out just in time for the ride home.
Thanks, Jacqueline, Wes, and Meryl...we had a fabulous weekend with ya'll! We are looking forward to lots more fun weekends at the beach this summer!