Friday, May 29, 2009

Time to Eat!

We started rice cereal a few days after Rose's 4 month check-up. Here are some pictures from her first taste of "real" food!
First bite.
Um, what is this stuff?I think it's ok!

Yep, I LIKE IT! Ok, all done. Let me clean my face.
Thanks for the cute bib, Millie!


Anonymous said...

awww yay! that makes my day:)

Jana and Brian said...

Love it! I love all of the posts. I had been waiting and waiting. Still can't get over how much she has changed and grown since the last pictures. I just can't wait to hold her!! See you in about 5ish weeks (I think!) xo

Erin Kennemer said...

oh my goodness her face in that 2nd one is hilarious! so glad she ended up loving it.

Katy said...

love the updates! SO glad that she is taking a longer nap for you!!! :) She is a cutie. So happy for yall. YOu look fabulous by the way- hello to Clark for us.

love ya

Natalie said...

i love her!!!

Mary Noller said...

the faces are priceless!