Sunday, November 22, 2009


Today I went in to check on Rose while she was trying to take her nap and found her standing in the crib! That was the first time she pulled up to standing on her own and she was scared to death. Her poor little hands were sweaty because she was gripping the rail so hard. She was sooo happy to see me and busrt into a huge smile when I rescued her. Can't wait to see if she will do it again after her nap!


janniethegrannie said...

I can not wait to see Rose standing up in her crib! Soon she will be pullling up on everything and walking around the furniture. By the way, can you add Mighell Debbie Cottam) and Bebe( Ashley Weir and Lyndsay Foster to the list of guests to your blog. They all want to continue to read it. Janet

Natalie said...

cutie pie! so glad you are back to posting :)