Saturday, October 31, 2009


We had a blast this year during Rose's first Halloween. Early in the week, we visited Clark's grandparents so they could see Rose in her strawberry suit. They were amazed at her new crawling skills and loved watching her play. Rose was a big flirt that day.
Rose eventually discovered her first candy bowl. She must take after her Mama because she went straight for the good stuff...chocolate.After chewing on a wrapped tootsie roll for a while, I finally caved and let her try the real thing. It was a sticky mess but well worth it! On the real Halloween, we went to the Llanfair neighborhood party at the park. It was lots of fun and the kiddos were so cute in their costumes. Rose and Jay rode in the wagon.
Nat and Rose
Us with Asa and Maribeth
Playing with the doggie
After the party, we went to AnnLee's house where she had a little get together before trick or treating. By that time, Rose was pooped and we had to take her home. She was fast asleep in the car by 6:30! Hopefully we will be able to trick or treat next year. She will love it :)

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