Monday, October 12, 2009

It Works for Her

Doesn't this look like the most uncomfortable position ever??

Apparently, it works for Rose! She falls asleep like this very often. On occasion, I've tried to pull her little legs out from under her and lay her flat, but that just results in a very unhappy and awake baby. So today, I'll just let her stay put!

**Edited to add: Rose just woke up screaming after 10 minutes and won't go back to sleep. Looks like it doesn't work for her after all.


Erin said...

that is so funny! i used to sleep in really weird positions when i was little too... looks like she will be flexible when she's older. maybe a little gymnast?

The Schwant Family said...

GOOD GRIEF! I wonder if she woke up screaming because her legs fell asleep!! so cute and funny (well, except for the waking up part, mama needs to rest!)

Kelly said...

I think something is in the water. Anna Reese is on a complete napping hiatus! She took one 10 min nap all day!! This has been happening for days now. P. S. At loves to sleep like that too!

Jana and Brian said...

Oh my goodness - I laughed - but then really laughed at your "edit". Poor Rose. I hope today was better than yesterday! xoxo