Saturday, January 30, 2010

Rose's Tricks

Rose has lots of new tricks! This is an amazing stage of life and she is learning new things everyday! It is so much fun to see her learn and Rose is so proud of herself!

1. She shakes her head no when I say, "no,no" or if she does something that she knows she isn't supposed to do. Like playing in Lucy's water bowl.

2. Waves bye bye and hello. She has started waving at me a lot recently. She loves to wave at me when I leave her in her high chair to fold laundry (she can see me through the laundry room door off the kitchen.) At the waffle house the other morning, I got up to pay and left Rose with Clark at our table. I looked over at her from across the restaurant and she was just waving away at me! It was so cute!

3. She has learned how to drink out of a straw. Thank goodness! I was starting to worry that she would never drink from anything other than her beloved bottle.

4. Says "uh-oh" when she drops something or throws it down. It sounds like "ah-uh." This little girl LOVES to make a mess! She get into everything! Her favorite thing is the lowest shelf of our spice rack which happens to be the perfect height for her. She gets out every spice and spreads them all across the kitchen. This keeps her occupied while I cook but creates a big mess for me to clean up! I try to only put plastic spice jars on that shelf and make sure the tops are all screwed on tight. But one day, the top of the little tiny sprinkles came off and Rose had spread hundreds of tiny candy dots all around the kitchen before I realized what had happened. It was pretty cute!

5. She screams "dawww!" everytime she sees a dog in person, on tv, in a book, etc... This was her first word and she absolutely loves dogs. She will point to dogs in her books if you ask her where the dog is.

6. When asked where her head is, she pats her head. When asked where her tongue is, she sticks her little tongue out.

7. She loves to play "how big is the baby?" and she proudly shows you how big she is by raising her hands above her head. This was her first trick.

8. Rose loves to clap! When I ask her if she wants to play patty cake, she claps her hands to show me she is ready. If I say "yay!" she will start clapping. She also claps if she sees or hears people clapping on tv. And of course she claps when she knows she has done something good or if I get really excited about something.

9. When I sing the "10 little indian song" she makes the indian sound at the end by sticking a finger in her mouth and making the "o-o-o-o-o-o-"sound.

10. Last but certainly not least is my favorite trick of all. If I ask Rose to give me a kiss, she kisses me on the lips. Those kisses are the sweetest thing in the whole world!!! I just love her so much and those kisses show me that she loves me right back :)


Jana and Brian said...

Ahhh she sounds so adorable. I love when they learn "new tricks". So much fun!! Enjoy every second -- Ayla barely has "time" for kisses these days! Thats why I snuggle Lee all the time! Give Rose a big kiss from us!!!

Natalie said...

love that girl! i still cant believe she is so big.