Tuesday, April 28, 2009

First Laugh

Rose had her first real laugh yesterday! Mom and I were playing with her and she was loving what Mom was doing. She was using Rose's little dollbaby to play a little game kindof like peek a boo and all of the sudden Rose let out the cutest little laugh! Mom and I got so excited and then she did it again! Do ya'll remember that radio commercial that was just babies laughing the whole time? That's exactly what Rose sounded like. It was the cutest little sound I have ever heard. I can't wait to hear it again :)
Loving Grammy's funny songs and voices
Oh Grammy, you're so funny.She has also learned to grasp objects. She loves this little babydoll that Aunt Arlene gave her when she was born. Hum, let me see if she tastes as good as she looks.


Kelly said...

Cute new posts Jill. A baby's laughter is such sweet music to a mamas ears :)

Natalie Roe said...

i love her!!! cant wait to hear her laugh :)