Sunday, April 12, 2009

3 Months!

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It's hard to believe our little Rosebud is 3 month old already!! It's been an amazing 3 months! Clark and I have learned so much about being parents and we are still loving every minute we spend with our daughter. My favorite times of the day are morning and evening. Every morning after her early morning feeding, I let Rose take a nap in bed between me and Clark. Clark absolutely loves rolling over and seeing Rose's little face. He gives her about 100 kisses and it makes her smile so big!! It's a sweet sight to see Rose and her Daddy interacting. My other favorite time of day is after we eat supper and Rose just hangs out with us on the sofa. She loves playing with us during this time (usually after bathtime and just before bedtime) and she is all smiles!Rose still LOVES taking a bath! She gets so relaxed and she likes watching the water come out of the faucet. I remember one time she was fussy in the bath and I realized the water wasn't running. So, I turned it on and poof...she was smiling and happy!
Rose's sleeping through the night didn't last long. I definitely took her sleeping through the night for granted. During the past few weeks, Rose has been waking up after about 4-5 hours for a middle of the night snack. I guess it's just a growth spurt she is going through but I sure hope it ends soon!! A full night of sleep is such a precious thing for both of us. I'll never take it for granted again :)
Other than that, Rose still loves most of the same activities...checking out her Baby Einstein activity mat, going on walks, riding in the car, and swinging. She is starting to notice Lucy (our dog) and will follow her around the room with her eyes.
Happy 3 month birthday little Rosie! Your Daddy and I love you more than anything in the world and we are so glad you are here! You add so much joy to our lives and we love watching you grow and change every day. We hope you always stay as sweet and happy as you are today.

Junior feeding Rose a bottle
Rocking with Grammy
Visiting with Aunt Janie and Aunt Eileen at Passover Snuggling with Aunt Jody
Getting ready to see the sun at Dauphin IslandNot loving it at all! Look at that precious face! She looks like a fat little old lady!Rose and Daddy at Easter lunch at the Country Club
Rose with her Great-Grandparents, Alice and Wankie
Aunt Jody, Jannie, and Gray at Easter lunch


The Dennis Family said...

Gosh! I can not believe that Rose is 3.5 months old!! She is grwoing so fast - adn her momma and daddy are so wonderful to her! We love yall so much! Hope to see little rosebud, and you two soon!

mary keever said...

Great post! I love the pictures. You can really see how she is growing! Elly did the same thing at night when she was three months. I remember feeling the same way. It was one of the toughest times we have had. She started eating more consistently around 4 months and sleeping nine hours at a time around 5 months. There are good things to come.

Natalie Roe said...

seeing all these pics makes me miss her! its like seeing a picture of bennett when he has been with my parents or something - makes me feel like i missed out on something. lets do lunch this week! :)