Thursday, January 22, 2009

Meeting Rose

Rose and I loved having so many of our friends and family visit us in the hospital. It made the time go by very fast! I tried to take a picture of all of our visitors, but I missed a few. Thanks so much to everyone who came to meet Rose and keep me company!
Mom, Sydnie, and Aunt Janie

Grandpa Gaylord
Aunt Jody

Cousin Sydnie

Aunt Eileen

Beth and Mom Rabbi Kunstadt

Marshall and Amanda

Ginny and Cousin Nathan
AnnLee and Hollin

Cousin Arlene


Great-Grandmother Alice

Miss Kitty (Rose's Great-God Mother)


Sarah Beth and Whiting


Aunt Dana

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Kelly said...

Hey! I started working on the babywise program around 2 months. I pretty much went with the flow the first 5 or so weeks. When she wanted to eat, we ate. There are some things that didn't work with babywise for us, but for the most part it worked great and Anna Reese was sleeping throught the night by about 8 weeks. PLEASE call me if you have any questions about ANYTHING! I am constantly calling my friends who have babies because each person goes through different things with their baby and most of the time you can fine one momma who is going through the same thing as you. 334-590-7804 We will definitely have to get the girls together once we make the big move to Fairhope. Hopefullyt hat will be soon! Love on that sweet baby girl, they grow so fast.