Thursday, January 22, 2009

A Baby Story: Our Version

It all began at 4:45 AM on Monday, January 12, 2009. Clark and I woke up (I watched the clock all night waiting for the alarm to go off) and got ready to go to the hospital. It was an exciting feeling knowing that the next time we returned home, we would be bringing home the newest member of our family. I was feeling a mixture of excitement and fear of the unknown.
After checking into the hospital at 5:30, we were sent to Labor and Delivery Room #4. That is where I met Cricket, my awesome nurse! She was by my side the entire day and I feel like I owe her a million dollars for the care she gave me and Rose. I was 4 cm when they started the pitocin. At 9:30, Dr. Shields checked in and decided to break my water. I think I was about 6 cm at that point and just beginning to feel painful contractions so she ordered an epidural. 5 minutes later, Dr. Browning arrived. I was pleasantly surprised that the epidural didn't hurt at all! It just felt a little strange. We continued to wait and by 12:00, I was 10 cm. We started pushing around 1:00, and at 1:19, Rose entered the world. I was in absolute shock when Dr. Shields placed my precious angel on my tummy. I had tears streaming down my face and was speechless. I just couldn't get over her tiny little hands, perfect little fingers, sweet little cry, and plump pink lips. Clark captured the last 5 minutes of the delivery on camera and I am so glad he did! It is priceless.

Rose weighed 7 pounds 3 ounces and was 20 inches long. She was perfect! Overall, our birth experience was way more than we ever imagined. I tried to prepare myself for that day, but I didn't realize what a life changing experience it would be. The miracle of birth is truly amazing and I can't wait to experience it again in a few years :)

Daddy and Rose

Dr. Shields and Rose


The Schwant Family said...

So thankful for your beautiful healthy girl!

Natalie Roe said...

yay for rose! and for her birthingmachine of a momma! :) love you and cant WAIT to see you on saturday!!!

Kelly said...

I am soo happy you had such a wonderful birth. I was getting a little worried when it looked like you were headed down the same path I was with the pre eclampsia. Rose is so beautiful. SB keeps me up to date on how she's doing. So happy for you guys. Isn't mommyhood magical?

The Dennis Family said...

Awww - I am so happy for yall - so thankful everyone is doing so great!! You are a PRO at giving birth :) Rose is beautiful and Daniel and I can NOT wait to see you guys on Tuesday!