Thursday, March 5, 2009

All Dressed Up With Nowhere To Go

I decided to dress Rose in the gown I had made to bring her home from the hospital since it was WAY too big for her that day. She looked beautiful! Since we were just hanging around the house, I decided we should take a few pictures. Rose wasn't really in the mood to have her picture taken though! A few of them came out cute. I just love bonnets!
Here is the last one I took...I think Rose was finished with this photo session, what do you think? Haha! I laugh every time I look at this one. Rose had a good way of telling me to leave her alone and get her out of that fancy dress. Let's just hope she doesn't flash that little birdie too often! (Be sure to look closely at the picture...especially at Rose's right hand!)


Amanda said...

HA HA too cute!!!! Little birdie.

Sarah Beth said...

I see it now, Jill! I love it! She is such a mess! Don't know how I didn't catch it the first time I looked!! :)

The Dennis Family said...

HAHAHA! Thats so great! I love it!