Sunday, February 15, 2009

Valentine's Weekend

Weekends are so much fun now that little Rose is here. Clark and I thought our social life would change a lot once Rose was born, but we've realized she's really easy to take places. Friday night, we went over to Bryant and B's house for dinner. Rose was great and slept in her carrier for a few hours. After dinner, we woke her up and everyone had fun playing with her. Especially Michael...they are best friends now!

On Saturday, I spent the day with Mom. We did a little shopping, went out to lunch, visited a friend, and caught up on much needed quality time. Mom has been working so hard selling real estate and it was awesome to finally have a whole day to spend with her. Thanks Mom!! Rose and I had a blast.

When I finally came home last night around 6:30, Clark surprised us with a gourmet Valentine's dinner! Since the weather was so nice, he set the table outside on our side porch. Clark thought of every detail...he even lit candles! It was so sweet. On the menu: flank steak, lobster, saffron rice, salad, and french bread. It was so yummy! Rose was an angel and relaxed in her papasan chair while we ate. Thanks Clark for being such a thoughtful husband...I love you so much! Rose and I are lucky to have you :)I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend! Next on the agenda...MARDI GRAS!!


janniethegrannie said...

Jill, I was so excited to read the lasted updates on Rose. So proud of her headed turning! Big Girl! I printed the latest entries and pictures and am taking them to BG and DeDe for their enjoyment! I must see Rose soon!!! I need a Rose fix badly. it is incredible how much I miss her even if I do not see her for a day or two.Love, Jannie P.S. Clark's dinner looked great!

Sarah Beth said...

Rose-your Uncle Michael sure did love holding you! He is still talking about how cute you are! We need to get together again soon! Love you, Sarah Beth