Wednesday, February 18, 2009

A Gift From Rose

I can't believe it but...

Rose slept through the night last night!!! I fed her at 7:30, gave her a bath at 8:15, and she was sound asleep in her Daddy's arms by 8:30. Clark put her down but around 9:30 she woke back up. So, I nursed her back to sleep and she slept all the way until 5:00 AM!!! Yay Rose! I heard her on the monitor a few times last night but each time she fell back asleep. Finally, at 5:00, I went to check on her and she was just laying there wide awake sweet as can be. Let's hope she will continue sleeping through the night! Her Mama sure does appreciate it :)

Here are a few pictures of Rose and her friends. She went to lunch with Meryl and Bennett yesterday but we forgot to take a picture of the babies together. We'll have to remember next time!
Rose and Asa

Rose and Annie


Kelly said...

Jill, that is so great! I think Rose is alot like Anna Reese! A good sleeper and for the most part pretty content. I'm hoping to get to know you and Rose better once we move. Looking forward to some play dates!

Sarah Beth said...

I love her in blue Jill! Just precious! :)

The Dennis Family said...

SO GREAT!!! I cant wait to see yall again - and I am so proud of Rose sleeping through the night! GO ROSE! Hopefully Asa and Rose can get togehter soon - Love you Jilly!