Monday, December 1, 2008

Birthing Class

Clark and I had our birthing class with Jamie tonight. It was great! She basically explained the 3 stages of labor, how to time contractions, things Clark can do to make me more comfortable, and when to go to the hospital. She gave us alot of practical information that makes the whole labor process seem less daunting. She even gave us lots of information about writing a birth plan so the hospital knows my "preferences" during labor. They are simple preferences, but ones that totally make sense to us. Some of them include being able to sit in a chair and walk around, drink clear liquids, eat lollipops, and just have Clark present during everything. She is going to help me write my plan in the next few weeks. Clark and I both agree that the best part was hearing all of the WONDERFUL things she had to say about our doctor. She has attended several births with Dr. Shields (Jamie is also a doula) and she really likes that Dr. Shields honors birth plans and lets nature take it's course instead of just relying on medical intervention. The most inportant thing is that we feel more prepared and ready for labor after our meeting tonight!


Kate Garrett said...


I have been checking out your blog and it looks great! How did you get that cute banner on there and all the little extras? It sounds like you are doing wonderful. I know you must be getting very anxious about the birth. I think of you often and can't wait to see pictures of Rose when she gets here.


Jill said...

Hi Kate! My friend, Erin, has a business called EBS Designs and she created my banner. Her website is She is so sweet and she will work with your color/design preferences to create a custom look for you! You can get a little ticker that tells how far along you are from and a counter that tells how many people check your blog from Hope this helps!!