Monday, October 13, 2008

Almost 26 Weeks

Today I had my 26 week appointment with Dr. Shields. I was really worried about the glucose tolerance test for gestational diabetes. I heard from several friends that if I failed it, I would have to go back for a 3 hour test where they draw your blood every hour for 3 hours. Yikes!! I HATE having blood drawn. In fact, I was dreading this day for the entire month. However, after drinking the horrible orange drink and having my finger pricked, Dr. Shields gave me a gold star and told me I passed with flying colors :) Just what I wanted to hear!! They did find out that I have very low iron (perhaps due to my 6 month long meat aversion!) So, I am going to start taking an iron supplement every day. Everything else looked good. Rose had a strong, healthy heartbeat and my tummy measured right for 25 weeks. Keep growing strong little baby Rose! We love you!!!

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The Schwant Family said...

that sounds exactly like my 26 week apt did! you are going to have much more energy soon...iron supplements are GREAT!

oh and you can change your border color to white if you want your banner to look more centered on your new background. just fyi :-)