Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Happy Birthday Gaylord!

Yesterday was Gaylord's birthday and we had dinner at our house to celebrate. BG and Dede came over along with Janet and Gaylord and we had a great time! In addition to managing his own business, Gaylord has been working countless hours, including nights and weekends, to help us get Camille's going. There is no way Clark and I could have done this without Gaylord's help and guidance. We are so appreciative of his time!!

We always love getting together with family and we are lucky to have Clark's sweet grandparents in our lives. They are so excited about their great-granddaughter Rose! She will make birthday parties seem even more fun :)

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Melanie said...

What a sweet post, Jill. You are very lucky to have so many people in your life who you love and who love you!