Thursday, April 17, 2014

Easter Treats

I had so much fun making these little babies for Marianne's preschool Easter party.  They were super easy to make. 
Spray muffin tins very well with Baker's Joy (I tested one with regular spray and it was hard to remove from the pan- but Baker's Joy worked like a charm)  Cut Pillsbury slice and bake sugar cookies into 14 slices.  Press into bottom of cups and slightly up the sides.  Bake for 10 minutes at 350.  Cool completely before removing from pans.  To remove, run a sharp knife gently around each cookie cup.

Mix store bought white icing with green coloring to the desired shade.  I added quite a few drops to get a medium green.  Pipe the icing into cups and around the rim of the cookie cup using an icing bag with tip.  You could also use a plastic zip lock bag with a small piece of the corner cut off.  Place a peep on one side with her little eggs (speckled jelly beans) on the other. 

I hope you enjoy making these as much as I did!  Happy Easter!

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Natalie said...

those are precious! i will have to try them {next year!} with the kids :)