Thursday, March 11, 2010

Walking and Other Updates

I'm slacking again...sorry!

Anyway, Rose started really walking this week! She has been taking steps for a few weeks now but on Sunday she started really trying to walk everywhere. Its so precious to see her walking and it makes her look so small! My baby girl is quickly becomming a little toddler.

Unfortunately, she got her first experience with the stomach bug on Sunday. She was such a little trooper and handled it like a champ...especially considering she was fighting her 2nd double ear infection in 3 weeks. And she was getting 3 new teeth! Let's just say its been a rough month for Rose health-wise. Luckily she is feeling much better!

We went to the doctor to have him check her ears and make sure they were starting to clear up...and they were. He went ahead and did her 1 year checkup since we had not been able to do it yet. She weighs 24 lb 12 oz (90th %) and was just above the 97% for height. I've gotta check my notes to see how many inches that was...I already forgot! She got her MMR vaccine and we will go back for another shot around her 18 month checkup. Developmentally she got an A+!

I am feeling pretty good and am now 30 weeks preggo. Iron is really low so I'm taking iron supplements and trying to make myself eat meat, spinach, beans, and nuts. All that I want to eat is cereal, ice cream, milk, and fruit! At my 28 week appt, my belly measured 29 weeks. Its getting rather large :) I've picked out bedding for Marianne's room, our glider just came in, and we have a crib that we are going to get assembled soon. My goal is to move the furniture out of our guest room and get the room painted at the beginning of April so I can start "nesting" at the end of that month!

In other news, Dana and Nathan found out that they are having another little BOY this August!! Jay and William are going to be awesome big brothers to this little boy. We can't wait to meet him!!!

Be back soon with pictures and more updates :)


Amanda said...

Awww glad to hear she is really walking! She's been trying to for awhile now. I am obsessed with her in those bunny ears. Too cute!

Sarah Beth said...

I loved seeing you and Rosie yesterday :) I like how you put Marianne's name on the ticker :) Shes going to be here soon!

Natalie said...

Love these pics! I've been the slacker at reading blogs and I miss my rose! :)