Friday, August 21, 2009

What I've Been Up To

Loving Uncle Pete
Playing "How big is the baby?" Snoozing

Playing with Pops
And Meryl
And Annie!
Playing with Daddy Loving trolls
Making friends with that cute baby in the mirror
Modeling new outfitsEating cheerios...and feeding Lucy
Playing peek-a-boo

Opening presents at Jay and William's birthday dinner

Being a darlin'
And loving my Mama!!


The Schwant Family said...


jill are you sewing all of these fabulous clothes??? she might be the most well dressed little girl i know!

Jill said...

Haha, I wish! I haven't been sewing much recently. But I have made a few things...none of them are pictured here though!

Sarah Beth said...

I love the new pictures!!! What a pretty girl! :) love you rosie

Natalie said...

she is so very precious! cant wait to see her monday...

you are the best mommy jill!

Erin said...

"being a darlin'" is right! she is so cute jill!!!

The Dennis Family said...

SO CUTE JILL!! She is growing up so fast - what a cutie!! Asa and Rose need to play. HAPPY 7 MONTHS ROSE!