Friday, July 24, 2009

Sips and Suds

Note to new parents: Babies outgrow bathtubs almost as fast as they outgrow onesies.

We started out with this variety and it lasted about 4 months.
Then we graduated to this style. Rose loved it but it seemed that she was about to jump right out of it. Too much freedom of movement for a child who has mastered sitting up. I had to keep one hand on her to keep her reclined.
Alas, I found the perfect bathtub for a 6 month old. The rubber duckie. Its more like a real bathtub and Rose seems to love it! She's gotten really good at kicking her feet and creates quite a wave pool in there. Some days after bathtime, I look like I just escaped a sunami.

Did I mention Rose is O-B-S-E-S-S-E-D- with her fingers?
And a wet washcloth? That's quite a mouthful, Rosebud!We've also been experimenting with a sippy cup. I think we'll take it!


Erin said...

such a happy girl! when will i ever get to see her again? :)

The Schwant Family said...

oh we LOVED the duck bath tub. I think it is so cute and Jack thought it was the best! She is so cute, I love your header picture!

Mary Noller said...

frances LOVED this tub.... she went crazy when we would squeeze the beak!!

dana said...

such a cutie! we need to get jay and rose in the tub together soon.

The Dennis Family said...

oh my gosh!! She is getting to be such a big girl!! Its crazy to see her just sitting up on her own in her little bathtub! I know what you mean though - I have to keep my hands on Asa while we are in the bath too - we need to get the big boy tub soon!! Rose you are just growing so well adn you are so pretty!! Cant wait to see you soon!

Kelly said...

Jill, she is such a doll and getting SOO big! I hadn't seen pics of her in awhile and I could really tell how much she's grown! Rose and Anna Reese need a playdate SOON!!! :)

Katy said...

She is just precious! I love the pictures, So excited for yall. SHe looks so healthy and loved! Great parenting!!! :) LOve all the updates, have fun with all these new stages and the ones still to come!